January 3rd, 2009

Here we go again another day…..up at 5:45am today…baby slept a little bit longer. I’m thinkng she is never gonna sleep thru the night and never sleep any later then 6am. So I will never get to sleep in again. How is it that men can sleep right thru a baby cryin? He is over there snoring and here I go again gettin up with her? Oh well enough complaing for one day….Life is good no matter what!! I thank God for another day!
Here is Bookie this morning:


Me and Madison went to see the movie yesterday afternoon…she changed her mind at the last minute and wanted to see Marley & Me..
Marley and Me

I adored this movie…If you are an animal lover like me, you gotta go see it, but beware it is a tear jerker. I was almost sobbing. But it was excellent. I would say it is more for adults, Madison wasnt crazy about it.

Madison wouldn’t let me take her photo 😦

Here is what I did last night after the kids were in bed…

What a mess!!

What a mess!!


Make a mess of my craft desk!!! Tryin to make enough ATCs to trade on swap-bot and flickr…cranked out about 6 last night…although I’m not sure if Im satisfied with all of them….I’ll check again here soon…I was pretty tired last night.

Well gonna get my day going…heading out today…going out to eat …maybe going to Michaels…more craft stuff…must have more craft stuff 🙂

See Ya!!


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