January 4, 2009

Good Morning. It is 6:13 am …baby slept a few minutes longer this morning. She is sitting on the floor next to me playing with all her toys….

We went  shopping yesterday. Went to eat a Macaroni Grill, yummy, absolutely my favorite restaurant!! I had there tomato basil soup and some kinda of fancy grill cheese. It was delicious. My mom and grandma went too.  We went out to Michaels and I got me some crafty stuff. My sister-in-Law sent me a visa gift card, so thats what I was trying to purchase my stuff with, let me tell ya something, those things are a pain in the butt!!! Dont ever get anyone those! First it wouldnt take it at all, then it took 4.95 off the bill, then 12.00 off the  bill, then 8.00, then 2.00 then nothing!! I ended up having to use my debit. The lady at Michaels says that happens all the time with those things. What a pain! But anyways this is what I got…..


I loVe miChaeLs

I loVe miChaeLs

I got all kinds of goodie…..New stamps, distress ink, new ink pad, blending solutions for my alcholo inks, colored pencils, water colors(that suck by the way dont ever by that brand), a gold leafing pen, new paint colors, chipboard pieces, paper and a crap load of stuff out of the dollar bins!!!  And  man did I want more…..later!! So when  finally got home and got my baby in bed, Madison is with her daddy this weekend, I played with my new stuff and this is what I made:
New ATCs

New ATCs

I cranked out five last night and am very happy with them!! I loved my new stamps, ink, and the gold leafing pen is awesome!!! Hopefully I can get these traded on flickr….Let me know if you like these!!
Well gonn go get a pot of coffee started, play with my sweetie awhile and then start getting ready for church. Have a great day!
Check ya later!

One Response to “January 4, 2009”

  1. Ooooo, Michael’s, yum. A dangerous place if you’re low on cash! I see the tea dye distress ink in the pile-one of my fave shades. Art on!! :OD

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