Happy Birthday Elvis….Yes I’m a fan!! :)

Today the King of Rock and Roll would have been 73 years old, if he had not of died on his toilet of  a…. heart attack?? But I still love him….he is truly the King …..Happy B-day Elvis!!!

HaPpY BiRtHdaY ELvIs!!!

HaPpY BiRtHdaY ELvIs!!!

So my Thursday was pretty busy…spent most of the day running around. Had to go get a title transfer into my name on a car we just bought. Yipee! We so need a new car….it is a toyota camry…nice car! It is not brand new but it is new to us, so we love it. Then went and had lunch with my mom, dad, grandma and of course Brooklyn tagged along. Madison was at school….then we went to Target to find Brooklyn a new car seat, she is getting to long for her baby one, and had no luck. All the ones we liked were out of stock. Ended up spend too much anyways… clothes for the baby, clothes for Madison, food for my kitty cats, dollar bin stuff for me (they had a crap load of scrapbooking stuff). After Target got Madison from school came home did home work, ordered a pizza, and off we went to Madison’s Girl Scout meeting, here she finally is….
My little girl scout

My little girl scout

She is a sweetie, Girl Scout cookie sales start tomorrow……Im never gonna lose this baby weight!!! I love the Tagalongs!!!
And here is Bookie yesterday….
My Sweetheart

My Sweetheart

That camera of mine is suppose to have red eye reduction, but she always has those red eyes….
She was in an extremely good mood yesterday. She is such a joy at this age!! I wish it lasted longer!! She is starting to kinda of mumble mamama…Hope she will be saying MAMA soon!!!
I did create alittle bit last night…just a few, here is one of my ATCs from last night..
Blue Bird ATC

Blue Bird ATC

That is one of them….I like it…thought it turned out pretty…I used metallic acrylic paint for the background…then stamped it, then added my image…
I made two more and am taking a break tonight..I tired!
Well goodnight all and take care!!

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