Why must the weekend fly?

It comes and goes so quickly doesn’t it….Sunday just started, yet I know it will fly and then its back to work….  😦  I love the weekends with my babies and being able to be at home with them. I love being able to get stuff done….the weekdays are soooo hectic….work, school, homework, girl scout meetings and errands. Love the peace of the weekends…and I get to create whenever I want!  Yesterday we pretty much stayed around the house…I went grocerie shopping ALONE!! I do so much better alone….I dont spend as much.  We got the house good and cleaned. Then for dinner we went to our favourite local mexican resturant and I probably ate my weight in chips and salsa! I love that place!!  Later that evening me and the hubby watched “Into the Wild”….


Into the wild

This was a great movie and very sad….It’s not brand new, my husband wanted to see it, he is a huge Eddie Veder fan, and he wrote all the music in it. It is based on a true story and was excellent. I recommend it!!

This is what I created yesterday….didnt get much done…..



 Turned out pretty I thought!!  Well gotta go get ready for church and get my Sunday started….Its gonna fly….I know it 😦

As my lovely 8 year old would say..



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