Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello to all!! Hope everyones week is going great. Mine is going ok so far. Having some drama at work …..but what else is new….when you have about 12 women working together in one office…what is to be expected, but drama??!! But I hate it, could do without drama for the rest of my life. And ya know the fun thing is, it always seems to start from this one woman.  But enough about that, been really busy so far this week, with school and work and preparing for the father-in-law to come visit. My oldest daughter starts tutoring this week, she needs help in math, she takes the FCAT in 9 weeks and if she doesnt pass it she doesnt pass 3rd grade…kinda scary…so she has eight weeks of tutoring for three days a week….poor baby… I really hope this helps her understand math…I’m not a good teacher at all..I end up getting frustrated. But I have all faith in her. I think she will be just fine!!!

I worked on some ATC’s last night and this is what I did……

Last nights work

Last nights work

My favorite ended up being the “Fun” one….thought it turned out cute… the create one was nice too…..and I do like the others. Hopefully they will get traded. I’m enjoying doing my swap-bot trades and the flickr trades….It is very enjoyable, so glad I discovered these little ATC things…It is so much fun !!!

Take care everyone!! 



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