I’m 34 and crushin on a teenage vampire…..

I admit, I never thought I would be, but I’m totally enthralled by Edward Cullen!!!  I am addicted to the Twilight Books! Just months ago I kept sayin….”Who is this Cullen guy that’s all over the Internet?” and Why is every crazy over him….now I”m one of them.  My friend Jess brought in her Ipod to work the other day so I could listen to a book on tape….me and her are the only readers in the office…she thought I would enjoy it…so I started it up to find it was Twilight, and I couldn’t stop listening, I had to give her the Ipod back at the end of my work day and was so disappointed…I had only made it to chapter 6…so I went and bought the book and read like crazy that night and the night after….gonna finish up tonight I hope!!!  Didn’t get to read as much as I wanted to last night due to the premiere of my fav TV show…..LOST!!!   That is the only show I sit down for….I love it!!

and I love him……



And I love him……



and now him….




Wow…..I seem a little guy crazy…..


Anyways, no ATCs to post at the moment….been a little occupied with my vampire….so I’ll ge on it.

Baby is teething still….but no teeth yet…she is just extremely fussy. Will get some new photos made this weekend of her and her sissy!

Well I gotta go…got ATCs to make….baths to take…Vampires to obsess over….

SEE ya….


2 Responses to “I’m 34 and crushin on a teenage vampire…..”

  1. Ressica Rabbit Says:

    Hi Crissal! I heart Edward too.

    Your ATCs are so cute.

    Love you!

  2. As a 48 year old with a dozen crushes, allow me to give you a high five on your willingness to admit your allure. :O) I guess I’m going to have to break down and read the Twilight books, dangit. I will use my Robert Downey jr. bookmark. :OD

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