Vampires, Werewolves, Babies and Me.

Well I have been extremely tired this week and so therefore no bloggin has been done! Little Miss Brooklyn gets up so much!!!  I cant wait till she finally does sleep thru the night and I can once again get a full 8hrs. She is nine months old now and should have been sleeping thru the night months ago!!! Im tired!  But she is such a sweetie!  I love her to death. Madison is almost 9 and is Miss ATTITUDE! Gets on my last nerve!! I keep thinking….If it is this bad now, how will it be when she is a teenager?? I might have to be committed 😦   Got their photos made on Saturday, and they turned out precious!! When I get them I’ll post a few. Here are a few photos from around here:

Bath Time

Bath Time

Drama Queen

Drama Queen



Me and my buddy Jessica went and saw Twilight finally!!! We went Saturday and met up at the local Cobb theater. I was so excited!! I had finished the book the night before and couldnt wait to see the movie!   I have to say that the book was sooooo much better than the movie,  the movie was good, but the books are always better. And I am definitely crushin on Robert Pattinson….so unique looking, very nice!!! I did really like the movie, thought it was very sweet and I really liked all the actors!  Started reading New Moon and I am addicted to it now…can’t put it down! Jacob is a werewolf,  Im mad at Edward now! Although he is still hot….

Robert Pattinson....luv

Robert Pattinson....luv



Great series of books….cant wait to read the next one. But then it will be closer to being over, anyone who loves to read knows what  I mean, sometimes the books are so good you just dont want them to end!!

Have worked on a few ATCs in the past few days….been kinda behind because of all my reading, I’ve got to find time for everything and to do that it means me losing even more sleep. My flickr trades have slowed due to me being at my max uploads for the month….so when February gets here maybe more .  Got some swaps coming up on swap-bot…..even a twilight one 🙂   Here are some of the recent ATCs….

ATC for 7 gypsies spinner

ATC for 7 gypsies spinner

Back side of ATCs for the spinner

Back side of ATCs for the spinner



Thats my recent stuff!! 

Gotta get ready for the father in law to get here on Sunday…..really nervous!!  He is a neat freak and well I like a clean house but sometimes things get a little messy around here , with two kids and four cats and me and the hubby!!  So nervous!!!

Well gotta get the Drama Queen up for school…..See Ya!!


3 Responses to “Vampires, Werewolves, Babies and Me.”

  1. eloahjames Says:

    cute ATCs! Thanks for visiting! Adding you to blogroll! =)

  2. I’ve seen you awesome art on Flickr, so happy to explore your blog thru the Blog Exposure swap! Love your ATCs. Very much the style I enjoy collecting. maybe one day we’ll meet up in a more ‘solid’ swap. :O)
    Your babies are dolls! I have 2 sets of twins, ages 21 and 13, past the curiepie stage, LOL. As a person who got no sleep the first year, my best wishes for lots of naps.

  3. Man, I hope I get partnered with you for an ATC swap! Wonderful work.

    (from swapbot)

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