Welcome Swap-bot buddies :)

Hi there to all my swapper friends and some new ones I hope to make…Hope you enjoy my blog….Have a look around…leave some comments …some suggestions etc.  I will be visiting your blog also if you leave me a link…

My week is going good so far….got the father in law here and it is going well …He is loving his new grandbaby…here they are…

papa heck and bookie

papa heck and bookie

This is the first time he has been able to come see her. She has taken to him well. We will be spending the week together.  I havent got much work(art) done so far this past weekend and this week…been too busy…haven’t even got to read much 😦 

I’m on the third book in the twilight series now and love it!!! I don’t want it to end!!  sooo good

Well I will leave you with a cute little photo of me and the baby..

Momma and Brooklyn

Momma and Brooklyn

That was today….my cutie..she is so sweet…I don’t want her to get big 😦

Ya’ll have a great week….bye!


2 Responses to “Welcome Swap-bot buddies :)”

  1. You have an adorable little girl! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi!! Saw one of your ATC’s featured on the Swap Bot intro page. That led me here. Love your ATCs. Maybe we will swap some day. Your kids are gorgeous. I hope the baby starts sleeping through the night soon. I had one like that. He’s 21 now, but I looked back through his baby book and saw these posts: Age 9 months – Matt still does not sleep all night. Age 1yr. – Matt STILL does not sleep all night. Age 18 months – Matt STILL (underlined heavily 3 times) does not sleep all night. Well, at age 21, he STILL doesn’t sleep all night. LOL Goes to bed at 1 or 2AM and goes to work the next day. I guess that’s not very encouraging for you. Sorry!!

    Anyway, like your blog, love your artwork. Hope you get some creative time in soon – oh, and MORE sleep.

    Gaye Miller
    SEMOkraftee/Swap Bot

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