New Toys and Sick Babies….

Well it has been awhile since I’ve been on…Little Miss Brooklyn has been feeling sicky with an ear infection, hope she feels better soon 😦 ….and just been really busy…

Not too much going on. Last week the father in law was here and we stayed pretty busy. It was nice to have him here and watch him with his new grandbaby. He really enjoyed Brooklyn. And by the end she was pretty adjusted to him too. He also bought us alot of stuff while here…clothes for the girls, clothes for my hubby, and this for me…….

My new toy...

My new toy...


It is a paper craft sewing machine….It is called a Pixie…Isn’t it cute??!!!  I’ve been having lots of fun with it, although it gave me alot of trouble in the beginning…couldn’t get the bobbin to work properly…so took it back and got a new one and it works just fine….I started making ATCs right away and here is what my first one looks like..

My first Sewing ATC

My first Sewing ATC

I liked it alot and decided to keep it for my private collection.  I am really enjoying it. Went to Michaels yesterday and loaded up again on supplies…i find I usually have to go about once a month.  Had to get a new Gold Leafing Pen and papers of course, ink pads, a chipboard book etc.

Just finishing up the third book in the Twilight series (Eclipse) I just adore this series…Although I have to say that I am a little pissed at Bella and her kissing Jacob..I am on Team Edward all the way!!!!! Jacob is just to darn pushy!!

Loving my LOST and so glad it is back on…it gives me a reason to actually turn on the TV, beside to watch Disney Channel with Madison.  Well gonna head to the bedroom so I can start book 4 “Breaking Dawn”……Yipee!!!

Here is me an Bookie about three nights ago before the blasted ear infection…

Me and my Bookie

Me and my Bookie

Isn’t she just adorable?!!  My Madison is too “Grown” to let me take photos with her …LOL..she’s 8!!

Have a great weekend all!!  🙂


2 Responses to “New Toys and Sick Babies….”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog hope the wee sweetie is feeling better 😦 I remember those days. I have never seen that lil paper sewing machine how sweet. I look forward to seeing more of your creations with it!

  2. The third twilight was my favorite…I have not read the fourth…it just did not do it like the others did.

    It is nice to know that another “Mom” loved these books…my 9 year old son teased me about reading them. I challenged him to read the first two chapters of the first one and then hand it back to me…it was done in two days. To read the third one he had to apologize profusely and say he was just as addicted as me…I also made a purse with “Edward’s” eyes on it…but most people don’t know what it is…

    I saw that your swap partners did not respond…so I thought I would take a look…

    Love your ATC’s… something I have wanted to try…

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